In August 2016, the WA1500 European Championships were held in the Czech Republic. Our very own Linda Jekel was invited to attend.

Not only did she blitz the world record she is now Whiteman Park International Pistol Club’s official World Record Holder. A fantastic achievement which has made all of us proud.

Her results are truly outstanding and this is fantastic for Women’s Pistol Shooting. Go Linda you Legend !

Results are below – and again CONGRATS Linda !

Final Results of Competition at the WA1500 European Championships
High score female Revolver:       Linda Jekel (WA) – 1st

High score female Pistol:             Linda Jekel (WA) – 1st

Stock Revolver:                             Linda Jekel (WA) – 5th

Off duty revolver:                         Linda Jekel (WA) – 10th

Open Match:                                 Linda Jekel (WA) – 3rd, Davey Oates (NSW) – 4th, Brandan Ede (QLD) – 7th, Jamie Longbottom (QLD) – 10th

Pistol 1500:                                   Linda Jekel (WA) – 5th Master grade                                                          Davey Oates (NSW) – 1st, Jamie Longbottom (QLD) – 4th, Brandan Ede (QLD) – 14th,

Revolver 1500:                              Linda Jekel (WA) – 9th

Brandan Ede (QLD) – 1st, Jamie Longbottom (QLD) – 3rd, Davey Oates – 5th,


4 Man Team Revolver:                 Jamie Longbottom (QLD), Brandan Ede (QLD), Linda Jekel (WA) – 2nd

4 Man Team Pistol:                      David Oates (NSW), Jamie Longbottom (QLD), Brandan Ede (QLD), Linda Jekel (WA) – 2nd