The ISSF State championships were held last week-end 24 – 26 September at the Cockburn-Fremantle Pistol Club. Great Attendance and fun for all.

Here is the list of Winners for the Competition

State Champions

Graham Nicholls              Gold Medal        25M Standard

Mike Giustiniano              Gold Medal        Men’s Air

Justin O’Donnell              Gold Medal        Junior Air 60

Chris Pryor                         Gold Medal        IPC Mens Air

Stephany De Jong           Gold Medal        25M Pistol Women

Mike Giustiniano               Gold Medal       25M Centre Fire

Justin O’Donnell               Gold Medal       Junior Sport Pistol


Graeme Nicholls            Silver Medal      Rapid Fire

Linda Jekel                      Silver Medal      25M Pistol Women

Linda Jekel                      Silver Medal      10M Air Pistol Women

Mike Giustiniano            Silver Medal      50M Pistol

Graeme Nicholls            Silver Medal      Rapid Fire Pistol


Mike Giustiniano           Bronze Medal   25M Standard

Leo Caratti                      Bronze Medal   25M Centre Fire Pistol


Mike Giustiniano won the Men’s 5 Match Aggregate


Linda Jekel won the Women’s 3 Match Aggregate


Other Results

Mike Giustiniano            Gold      A Grade              Rapid Fire


Frank Jerkovich               Gold      B Grade              Men’s Air

Silver     B Grade              Rapid Fire


Leo Caratti                        Gold      A Grade              50M Pistol


Graeme Nicholls             Silver     B Grade              50M Pistol


Linda Simcock                 Silver     A Grade              10M Woman’s Air

Gold      C Grade              50m Pistol


Linda Jekel                       Silver     A Grade              25m Standard


Rhonda Jackson              Gold      B Grade              10M Women’s Air

Gold      B Grade              25M Pistol Women


Stephanie De Jong         Silver     B Grade              10m Women’s Air


Leigh Greaves                    Gold     A Grade              Centre Fire


Maureen Woods                Gold     A Grade              25M Pistol Women


Justin O’Donnell              Silver     D Grade              25m Standard


In the team events (2 clubs competing, WPIPC and CFPC), WPIPC won the following events.


25M Standard            Mike Giustiniano, Leo Caratti and Graeme Nicholls

25M Centre Fire        Mike Giustiniano, Leo Caratti and Graeme Nicholls

25M Pistol                   Linda Simcock, Maureen Woods and Stephanie De Jong

10M Women’s Air     Linda Jekel, Stephanie De Jong and Linda Simcock


Fabulous results and congratulations to everyone who competed. cfpc-state-champs-issf-sept16-2 cfpc-state-champs-issf-sept16-3 cfpc-state-champs-issf-sept16-4 cfpc-state-champs-issf-sept16-jnr cfpc-state-champs-issf-sept16

Winners are Grinners !